(Backstory to be created)

Eternity Starsmith began life in SL Gor as a slave at a foreign place called Torvandslander Raider Fortress. Her Master attempted to teach her how to use a bow but Eternity was not interested in combat. She rather much preferred to spend her time sitting pretty, serving the Jarls in the tavern. She was there for only a short time before escaping the clutches of her cruel Master and fleeing farther north to Blak’Fell in the Tor’Mark. This was a Northern sim (Ironfalls) located adjacent to Ironhall. There she became “Star”, a village bondmaid and petty thief. She worked in the longhall in Blak’Fell serving Jarls their drinks and food in the buff.

Blak’Fell was a nice, albeit cold place where Star was treated well. She loved serving men and obeying their every command. To her it was relaxing to have all her decisions made for her, particularly by men. Incidentally, she was the only village bond. All of the other slaves in Blak’Fell were private slaves. Star enjoyed her time there until she was restricted by Mephisto Bravin, the Jarl who ran the village. Once Star could no longer slate Jarls’ lust, she spent much of her time alone completing her slave chores, dreaming of a better life. She created flower arrangements and other items of interest which she shared with the village folk, trying to make them happy.

One day a Jarl arrived in Blak’Fell who asked Star to serve him in the tavern on the docks. Obediently, she followed his command and prepared his drink, serving him while straddled on his lap. No sooner had they began to enjoy each other’s company when a panther appeared at the door of the tavern. Star turned her face away from the Jarl and toward the panther to find an arrow notched into a bow and pointed at her face. Holding the weapon was a panther girl. She had a sinuous body, nearly naked, confident, and powerful. Her bright eyes blazed with anger at Eternity and possessiveness for the Jarl she served. Star remarked on the panther girl’s beauty, staring at her in awe. The panther girl, stunned, dropped her bow and fled. The Jarl followed the panther girl out the door.

Star went back to her slave chores that day tending the garden on the path down to the sea shore. It was cold and lonely and she could not stop thinking about the mysterious panther girl. The next day, she waited for the Jarls of the village to leave on one of their expeditions. She silently packed her sack, disguised herself as a free woman and headed out on the boat, sailing south.

Sooner or later in her travels, Star found herself in Clearchus Woods. In the distance on the hill, she spied a panther camp. Later she discovered that the road led to an outlaw village and the place was fairly populated with people. She hid in the woods of Clearchus for a few days before finally joining the Tre’sha Varma panther band. It was Topaz who came to the gate that day and asked Star her name. She decided on the spot to reclaim Eternity as her name and called herself that. Topaz made Eternity swear loyalty to the Tre’sha Varma and then Eternity was welcomed into the band.

Eternity was frightened at the fierceness of the panther girls and the wildness of the place so she pretended to be confident and tough. In truth she had not the slightest clue how to fight with weapons, only the most basic use of a bow taught to her at the Torvandslander Raider Fortress. She was given a bow and quickly taught herself how to use it but she was not in any way skilled in combat.

Eternity was frequently taken captive by men. There was a period of time where she was captured several times per day. She would be rescued by her panther band (girls who risked their lives trading with men to get Eternity back) and brought home to the camp only to be captured once again a short time later. She was fearful of men and their raids upon the panther band, a seeming constant threat. The men who raided wanted her in their collar and so as exciting as her panther life proved to be, she was exasperated at the constant dangers and her inability to skillfully defend herself.

…to be continued.


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